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Vieux Farka Toure

Hyelim Kim

Traditional and contemporary sounds from Korea

Friday 6th May 2016, 7.00pm

Cafe #9, Nether Edge Road, Sheffield, S7 1RU


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TalkingGigs is delighted to present Hyelim Kim – a UK based Taegŭm performer and composer.  The Taegŭm is a large bamboo transverse flute which is used in traditional Korean court, aristocratic and folk music as well as contemporary classical and popular music. Hyelim is opening new possibilities for Korean music by using this traditional Korean instrument as a tool to work with a wide range of different musical cultures.  She is now receiving attention as a young performer who is taking a leading role in breathing new life into Korean traditional music.


She will be in conversation with Andrew Killick from the University of Sheffield, who is an acknowledged expert on the music of Korea with a real passion for communicating what all types of music can teach us about human musicality. Hyelim and Andrew will explore and play various forms of traditional and contemporary Korean music – with Andrew accompanying Hyelim on the piano on some pieces.  And, as ever, there will be a chance for you to ask any questions on Korean culture and music that interest you.


Hyelim Kim already has a rich history of achievement: she was selected as the pioneering artist of 2009-2010 by the Korean Arts Council; was a performer at the New York Omi Residency in 2009, was invited as a musician for a live session on BBC Radio 3’s celebrated Late Junction in 2012; and was selected as the Kumho Young Artist for 2006.


She has also won prizes at various acclaimed competitions, including the Gold Medal at the Korean National Taegŭm Competition and the 1st prize in Korean National Chongro Music Competition. She has held numerous performances overseas including three recitals and performances at London Jazz Festival (London), the 2High Festival (Australia), the Omi World Music Concert (New York), the Sori Art Electroacoustic Concert (Australia), the NZEMS (New Zealand) and the World Classics (England).

These performances provided audiences with the opportunity to experience her own musical compositions, and she is presently working to expand her performances to an even greater worldwide audience. Her debut recording entitled 'Nim: Hyelim Kim Taegŭm Collection' released by Universal Music in 2013 includes traditional pieces together with new works, special commissions and her own composition.


Korean music can be a challenge to the Western ear - so don't miss this opportunity to make a step into a new music and culture - you will be rewarded with hearing music of great delicacy and beauty.

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