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Past Gigs


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Berber Duo.jpeg

Iness Mezel and Nora Abdoun


Drama Studio, Sheffield University

Thurs 13th April,, 2023

"Songs to welcome spring, to welcome the god of rain, to remember the spirit of a friend who had passed"

tanga pasi trio front #1.jpg

Tanga Pasi Trio 


St Andrews Church, Psalter Lane, Sheffield

Tues 13th September, 2022

"Exploring musical roots in Zimbabwe"

SamLee_Flyer_Front USC (3).jpg

Sam Lee 


Live event in partnership with Sheffield University

Thursday 14th October 2021

"This is folk for now; upbeat, uplifting and highly unique."


Seyed al Jaberi

with Hamdel Ensemble

Streamed event in partnership with Sheffield University

Thursday 6th May 2021

"Persian Sufi music inspired by the poetry of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi"

Local Honeys 1_edited_edited.jpg

The Local Honeys

The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)

Thursday 7th November, 2019

"They sing the high lonesome sound and tell a damn good story."

Krar Collective

Krar Collective

The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)

Thursday 15th November, 2018


"Other worldly modes and hypnotic rhythms ... dubbed the Ethiopian White Stripes."

No review available

Maya Youssef

Maya Youssef

The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)

Sunday 3rd June, 2018


"Internationally reknowned player of the qanun."



The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)

Sunday 10th December, 2017


"Classy and commercial survivors of the Finnish fold scene - exquisite 3 part female harmony vocals."

Anthony Joseph

Anthony Joseph

The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)

Friday 6th October, 2017


"A hypnotic blend of rapturous spoken word and groove fusing the rhythmic speech and music of the Caribbean"

No review available

Shahe Mardan

The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)

Wednesday 22nd March, 2017


"With soaring vocal tones and repetition in the call and response, alongside pounding, intricate rhythms, it was clear that the audience started to feel the positive energy flowing. "

Rafiki Jazz 

Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

Wednesday 23rd November, 2016


"The most diverse band in the UK, a host of musicians spanning 4 continent with refugee and migrant artists at its heart.""

No review available

Vula Viel 

Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

Wednesday 10th November, 2016


"A welcome return for a non-TalkingGig in association with Jazz at the Lescar.""


Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

Thursday 29th September, 2016


"A spectacular set by an incredible group, greatly enriched by their entertaining and informative commentary."

Souad Massi 

The Merlin Theatre, Sheffield

Sunday 11th September, 2016


" Her voice is like a tearful caress. It's full of sadness and grief yet comforting and healing.""

Joel Savoy, Jesse Lége & the Cajun Country Revival  

The Greystones, Sheffield

Monday 30th May, 2016

"Celebrating and lamenting the universal human experience against a backdrop of fiddles, accordions, stomping feet and plenty of that good ol’ moonshine."

Songhoy Blues / "They Will Have to Kill Us First"

The Auditorium, Sheffield University Students Union

Friday 26th February, 2015


"The auditorium erupted into a joyful celebration of music and the part it plays in all our lives, whether we are in Sheffield or Timbuktu."

Vula Viel

Lantern Theatre, Sheffield

Friday 15th January 2016


"Funerals never sounded so funky.""

Bassekou Kouyate 

Firth Hall, University of Sheffield

Thursday 22nd October, 2015


"A journey to the heart of Malian griot culture with the master of the ngoni."


No review available.

Haymanot Tesfa 

(with Mina Salama and Arian Sadr)

Lantern Theatre, Sheffield

Friday 13th June, 2015


"An explosion of astonishing musicianship."

Emmanuel Jal 

Lantern Theatre, Sheffield

Sunday 8th March, 2015


"A heavy and serious story, told with dignity and humour and illustrated with brilliant songs." 

Lifting Spirits poster front_edited.jpg

Justin Adams & Mohamed Errebbaa


Firth Hall, Sheffield University

Thurs 10th November, 2022

"North African Desert Blues and Moroccan Gnawa"

Addictive TV - Orchestra of Samples #4_edited.jpg

Addictive TV - Orchestra of Samples 


Live event in partnership with Sheffield University

Thursday 2nd June 2022

"A whole ethnological musical experience from across the world in one evening."

Reclaim Quintet small.jpeg


St Andrews Church, Psalter Lane, Sheffield

Wednesday 15th September 2021

"This flawless set of lyrical and beautifully written songs trickled their uplifting melodies through a receptive audience like a timely balm."

Reclaim Quintet small.jpeg
Kefaya and Elaha Soroor.jpg

Kefaya & Elaha Soroor

The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)

Saturday 29th February, 2020

"Global folk traditions with a cutting-edge sound rooted firmly in the 21st century."

Attab Haddad photo.jpg

Attab Haddad Quartet

The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)

Wednesday 2nd October, 2019


"From Baghdad to Seville - the Flamenco Trail"

Dobet Gnahore

Dobet Gnahore

The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)

Tuesay 16th October, 2018


"Grammy-winning songstress from Côte d'Ivoire."

Lakou Mizik

Lakou Mizik

The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)

Sunday 15th April, 2018

"The rhythms and incantations of voodoo, the trumpeting of rara carnival music and hearty call-and-response vocal harmonies on their way to galloping, exultant dance grooves ..."



The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)

Thursday 16th November, 2017


"Go to a place where nothing exists except heavenly music"

Mor Karbasi

The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)

Monday 8th May, 2017

"Her singing seemed to include even more multiple quarter tones. To her clapping, she added hand circles and snapping fingers, and she increasingly threw her red velvet skirt as well as her hair."


The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students' Union)

Thursday 2nd February, 2017


"... a fantastic opportunity to learn about the man, his music and Garifuna culture. The TalkingGigs format was perfect ..."

Sona Jobarteh 

Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

Monday 14th November, 2016


"The first female kora virtuoso""

Robyn Hitchcock

The Greystones, Sheffield

Sunday 30th October, 2016


"If Robyn were a building, he would definitely be listed.""

Blick Bassy 

Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

Tuesday 13th September, 2016


" The sound of Cameroon and the launch of the iPhone6.""

Ngawang Lodup 

King's Place, London

Saturday 10th September, 2016


"TalkingGigs comes to London ...""

Hyelim Kim  

Cafe #9, Sheffield

Friday 6th May, 2016


"Traditional and contemporary sounds from Korea"


No review available.

Vieux Farka Toure  

Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

Wednesday 3rd February, 2016

"... the best moments in music happen when no one is thinking ..."

Ngawang Lodup 

Lantern Theatre, Sheffield

Friday 27th November, 2015


"So much more than "Buddhist monk turned rock star""

John Spiers 

Heeley Institute, Sheffield

Friday 15th October, 2015


"Melodeon player's face and the origins of Bellowhead explained ...""

John Tams and JP Bean 

Lantern Theatre, Sheffield

Saturday 6th June, 2015


"After 5 decades in the business, John Tams finally plays solo!"

Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni (Tinariwen)

Lantern Theatre, Sheffield

Saturday 15th November, 2014


"I still can't believe that I've seen an international superstar in such a small setting - and learned so much about him, his music , Touareg culture. Really challenging ... amazing!" 

Ashley Hutchings with Blair Dunlop 

Friday 14th November, 2014


"A really warm evening of music, poetry and stories - from a bona fide folk legend."

Sura Susso 

Lantern Theatre, Sheffield

Friday 13th June, 2014


"I've been to see Sura five times - but tonight I feel that I really got to know him and his music." 

Jim Moray 

Lantern Theatre, Sheffield

Friday 6th June, 2014


"A great format! I mainly went to see Jim play - but I also knew he'd be an eloquent, thoughtful and interesting speaker. I was right."

Sam Lee

Lantern Theatre, Sheffield

Thursday 30th October, 2014


"Sam singing solo and unaccompanied ... a great contrast to Sam's recorded materials, which are complex and magnificent ... you could have heard a pin drop ... incredibly moving."

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