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TalkingGigs – Discovery through music


Have you ever left an awe-inspiring gig with a multitude of questions buzzing in your head? Where does that sound come from? What’s the meaning of those lyrics?  How famous are those artists at home? Does their music take political risks? What’s that instrument? What’s the culture behind their music?


TalkingGigs is a live experience that attempts to answer those questions AND give you an unforgettable night of ‘unplugged’ music. Think of it as a cross between your favourite alternative music show and your favourite talk / interview format. 


Every TalkingGig offers unique insights into the life, work and culture of an artist, mixing conversation with intimate musical performance, questions from the audience and sometimes visuals. It’s an immersive ride into another world, a chance to get close and personal with some of the musicians you love and hear them talk about their countries, cultures, instruments and influences, illustrating their words with unique performances of their best known songs. 


TalkingGigs are hosted by highly entertaining and knowledgeable writers and music specialists. The aim is to achieve the perfect balance between music, conversation, visuals and audience involvement. It’s all about discovering new worlds, new stories and hearing music in a way you’ve never heard it before … that's both fun and informative.


Since launching in the summer of 2014, TalkingGigs have featured some A-list guests, including Abdallah ag Alhousseyni from Tinariwen, Bassekou Kouyate, Vieux Farka Toure, Songhoy Blues, Emmanuel Jal, Souad Massi, Robyn Hitchcock, Sam Lee, Jim Moray, Aurelio, Mor Karbasi, Dobet Gnahore and many others.


The format is popular with artists and audiences and artists alike. At her recent gig, Mor Karbasi commented that she really appreciated the "talking bit" because it meant that in the second half she felt the audience knew her well enough such that she was free to express the music more. And our new Sheffield 'home' at the HUBS has proved very popular with our ever increasing audience - combining great sound and facilities for a larger audience while still maintaining the intimacy which is part of the TalkingGigs experience.

We are continuing to collaborate with other organisations in Sheffield and other UK cities, including Bristol and London and are continuing to develop the TalkingGigs format, taking it into new realms, including online film, radio and TV. And we even hope to put together a "TalkingGigs Tour" some time.


So there are exciting times ahead.  If you want to find out more, write to Charles Ritchie at or join our mailing list (on the Home or Contact pages).

"Music from around the world can be enjoyed as a two-dimensional 'sight and sound' experience, but it becomes so much richer if a third dimension of stories and background is added."

(Andy Morgan writer, author and ex-manager of Tinariwen)

And ...

Every gig raises money to support the work of ASSIST Sheffield

ASSIST Sheffield
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